Inter-Cooperative Council Logo photo: coopers on porch

Glossary of ICC Terms

GUFF - This word is a favorite among ICC co-opers. There have been several myths about where this word comes from and what it stands for, however the most common explanation is that it stands for Generally Unrestricted Free Food. The term is used to describe the condition of something being shared by the community. Guff only applies to items that you can use immediately, such as food, however there have also been guff piles of clothes (give-away) or items that are “guffed” for everyone’s use and enjoyment.

Twinkle - Twinkle is a non-verbal sign of agreement or joy expressed by wiggling or “twinkling” your fingers. It stems from the American Sign Language sign for applause though is slightly adapted to just be upward fingers instead of the whole hand. Twinkling is a common practice at meetings so that people won’t have to repeat things that have already been said that they agree with.

Work Holiday - Once a semester your house as a whole will get together and put in anywhere from 4-8+ hours of work and labor into cleaning and renovations. This usually happens towards the beginning of the school term. This is when some special projects may get done, minor maintenance, painting and some serious "pulling the fridge and oven away from the wall" kind of crazy cleaning gets done throughout the whole house.

Stack or Queue - This is how the house facilitator (usually the house president) keeps track of who wants to speak at a house meeting. A stack is 'first in / last out', a queue is 'first in / first out'. A better example of a stack would be one of those plate holders at a buffet; the first plate to go on is the last one to come off.

Hitchhike - If during a house meeting someone makes a statement that is unclear, you can immediately provide any pertinent information by holding up your thumb, which indicates to your facilitator that you should be put on top of the stack because you are clarifying.

Friendly - A proposal or action that is generally approved by your co-op.

Straw Poll - A type of unofficial vote that takes place in a meeting to find out in general how people feel about a particular issue