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ICC Mission

Adopted August 18, 2002
We, the member-owners of the Inter-cooperative Council, envision an affordable living community in which equal, and educated members work together to further the cooperative movement.

ICC Vision

Adopted August 4, 2002
We, the member-owners of the ICC, provide a home for students that equally embodies quality living, community and social equality, all within the cooperative movement.  We continuously strive to maintain and improve our organization and our houses through shared work.  We are committed to furthering our education by building life skills, a strong community, and personal relationships.  We create and maintain a safe and affordable environment where our members feel comfortable and at home.

Cooperative Principles

ICC's Purposes

ICC's Statement of Beliefs and Values

The Student Co-ops, also known as the Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) were first started in 1932 by students trying to find a way to stay in college during the Great Depression. Over the years, students have continued to work together to provide themselves with affordable, convenient housing, and also have lots of fun. Read a little bit more about our history.

Today we have 18 group houses and 1 apartment houses on North and Central campuses. Because students created the co-ops to meet their own needs, the ICC offers eight month Fall/Winter and 2 or 4 month Spring/Summer contracts. Our houses range in size from about 12 to 85 members. The average house holds about 30 people. North Campus attracts a large graduate student population (about 50%), and a sizable international student population (at least 30%) as well. Central Campus is a large, diverse crowd that is mostly undergrads. Because co-ops are open to all students, each house is made up of members coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. What brings us together is our dedication to creating the best living atmosphere possible.

Most houses are quite social. There are often ICC-wide parties at one house or another. Houses have gotten together to play inter-mural soccer, go apple picking, bowling, ice skating--the list goes on and on.

Equal Voice

Eating and working together with housemates, participating in group decision-making, and sharing good times help co-opers to develop close bonds. This strong sense of community, combined with the knowledge of shared ownership, is what turns co-op houses into homes. House meetings, which are held once or twice a month, provide a forum for open communication. Members vote on such issues as how much to spend on food, how many meat meals to serve per week, which newspapers to order, and when to have the next party. Meetings also provide an opportunity for members to resolve any conflicts that might occur within the community.

How We're Different
  • Co-ops are owned and run by the members who live in them--not landlords or the University.
  • Co-ops are economical and convenient because members share the work necessary to run them.
  • Co-ops have a friendly and close atmosphere--more personal than residence halls, more social than apartments.