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Truth House used to be a sorority house that the Inter-Cooperative Council bought in the 1960s. Originally, we were named after Lenny Bruce, a controversial stand-up comedian.

In the 1980s the house was renamed in honor of Sojourner Truth, a former slave who became an abolitionist, suffragist, and orator.


We're called "Sojo" or "Truth House" for short and members are sometimes called "Truthies." Sojourner Truth Cooperative is the largest central campus co-op in the ICC, and also one of the most diverse. We have a good mix of undergrad and graduate students from all walks of life. Our members come from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, and areas of study. We're home to slam poets, gamers, geeks, artists, rocket scientists, Communists, conservatives, and the occasional genius. Traditionally, we tend to have a lot of international students.

The great thing about living in such a big house is the variety it offers. If you feel the need for peace and quiet, you can always find it in your room. However in a house of over 50 people you can always study, catch a movie on our giant HDTV, or hit up the businesses on South U, or just relax on the porch and find someone to do it with. Truth House is larger than the other co-ops and it also has more amenities

Here's a brief list of Truth's amenities:
  • Hot dinners served daily (vegetarian option provided) plus all the food you can eat in the pantry.
  • Free parking in our on-site parking lot
  • Comcast cable with over 700 channels, OnDemand, and all the premium subscriptions.
  • 65" Widescreen High-Definition TV
  • High-speed internet with wireless and ethernet access.
  • Study lounge/computer lab with 2 PC's and laser printer (free printing).
  • Exercise/Weight room
  • Free on-site laundry and free detergent too.
  • Piano, billiards table, ping-pong table, foosball table, and pop machine
  • House phone line
  • Two indoor fireplaces and an outdoor fireplace
  • Wheelchair accessible

The Interior of Truth House

Drive or walk down Washtenaw Ave and you just might see our house sign. We are located on Washtenaw in between Hill St and South University Ave. Welcome to Truth House! Inside our 52-person house, we offer spacious living, amazing amenities, and great social experience. Come check us out!
Our porch, with BBQ set, has hosted many house events in the past and will continue to be a house favorite in the future. When you walk in our doors one of the first rooms you will see is our spacious living room. Here we provide sofas, tvs, board games, books and...
...our very own pool table and piano! Close by is our TV room. We have a wide screen HDTV for our entire house to enjoy.
Having 52 members live in one house can get a bit hectic, but we try to be as organized as possible. Though empty now, our kitchen quickly fills up with hungry residents during dinner time. We serve dinner every night at around 7pm.
We also have a ping pong table and Coke machine! We try to keep our kitchen as clean as possible. Cook anything you want in here!
Our kitchen also has tons of different appliances! Some of which are pictured here. Our kitchen also has lots of counter top space for our members to use.
There are many other amenities that our house provides. One of which are our public house computers. All three of our computers are hooked up to the Internet.
Believe it or not, we also in the middle of installing a climbing wall in our own dining room. We also have a work out room with all basic machines and weights provided.
We make sure to keep our pantry stocked with all sorts of food. Feel free to visit this room when you're hungry! We also provide washers and dryers for our members.
We also have an awesome Central Campus location at in Downtown Ann Arbor, about a 5 minute walk from the Diag.

We are located a block away from all the restaurants, bars, and businesses of South University Business District.

We have a 52-member capacity, with 10 singles and 21 doubles. Singles are allotted by house seniority. This is a pet friendly house and you can look at the pet policy for more information.

The Social Side of Truth House
Members work together keep our house running smoothly. Member responsibilities include through particpation in house meetings, democratic decision making, and sharing house work. i.e. cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and budgeting expenses.
See? What did we say? There's always a social gathering happening outside on our porch. Though we may live in a big house, there's always house events that help to bring our members closer together.
Cooking for our 52 member house isn't ever a chore. It can actually be a lot of fun! Trust us, there's always somebody around willing to play a couple rounds on an Xbox or Playstation.
Truth parties are also some of the best in the ICC! Come check us out next time we have one. Not all Truth House events are located on our property. This is a picture taken of us when we went bowling one night.
If you want to know more, please visit our official offsite website ( and take our Virtual Tour.

ICC Office: 337 E. William St. / Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 662-4414 / fax (734) 662-5870