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The ICC bought the 307 N State St coop from one Minnie Wallace, whose family had owned the house in sickness and in health since the first decade of the twentieth century. 'Twas a well kept house, and when the first coopers moved in during the fall of 1970, they found that Minnie had left her mark on the house; the house was painted the drab gray so typical of semi-Victorian rooming houses, each room decorated with wallpaper of horrendous taste, and in one of the first-floor rooms hung a cross with a Jesus that glowed in the dark.

Minnie was a sweet little old lady who owned an aged dog that she daily walked to the corner of Lawrence and State. That half-block trip generally took half an hour, since the dog had short legs and needed numerous breathing spells because of his aged condition. Usually Minnie would carry the dog back home, since the two half-block excursions in one day might have killed the wee creature.

Minnie ran a tight ship, so to speak, at three zero seven. She was prone to awaken her roomers at the vile hour of eight in the morning. She allowed no guests (of the opposite sex, that is), and her nose was on standby alert twenty-four hours a day, ready to sniff out any of her roomers who dared to smoke tobacco cigarettes, pipes or cigars.

For years she found the boys at Mich House next door scarcely tolerable as neighbors, and not seldom did people in the lofty upper echelons of the ICC have to listen to Minnie talk about the "exhibitionists" living at Mich House who paraded naked and semi-naked past their bedroom windows at night. Her raps about the wild and wicked Mich House "Orgy-Parties" were enough to make every red-blooded American cringe at such examples of the moral decadence overtaking this land.

Minnie's spinster life changed entirely after a middle-aged taxi driver and practicing nudist named Bill Bixby (also the name of the actor who played the "The Incredible Hulk" in the TV series) started renting a room in her house. Minnie fell in love with him, and the two ran off together to Cleveland, Ohio. Minnie's co-opers quickly redecorated, painting the exterior of the house purple, reported to be Minnie's favorite color.

All of the members of Minnie's board (take our meals) next door at Mich House. We do have our own small guff kitchen. There is no smoking allowed in Minnie's. Minnie's is located at 307 North State St. and you're welcome to drop by anytime and visit.
Our front porch allows for our members to hangout outside and socialize with both house members and visitors from Michigan House.
Welcome to Minnie's lobby! Because Minnie's boards at Michigan House next door, our house does not provide a full service kitchen as other Co-op houses do on campus. Rather, our kitchen is just large enough for our members to make a small meal for themselves throughout the day.
Though small, our kitchen does come with a fridge, microwave, toaster oven, dish washer, stove and oven. We try our best to keep our bathrooms clean! Some wonky characteristics of this particular bathroom: it has two sinks...and...
...and two toilets! Our living room, where we have our house meetings, comes with a tv, piano, and...
...and a treadmill, punching bag, and... ...and our very own popcorn machine!
Upstairs are our rooms, connected by hallways. Throughout the house you will find beautiful and interesting murals, such as this one.
In the basement are our washer and dyer. If sitting out on the porch doesn't fullfill your needs, we also have a hammock!
Our house also comes fully equipped with all-natural bike racks! Parking space is shared between both our house and Michigan House next door. We have 6 parking spots.
Minnie herself! The woman who we have named our house after.
Room Picks:
Room picks will be done at the New Members meeting in April (You will be e-mailed ahead of time with the date and time of the meeting). Priority in room picks will be given to old members first, based on seniority, then to new members according to the date that your contract was signed.

Since we own the house cooperatively, "rent" really is not the proper term to use; we call it house charges. House charges are due at the beginning of each month, in full and on time. Charges ran $580 for Fall/Winter 10/11, but normally go up slightly each year to compensate for inflation. We won't know the exact charges for next year until the house approves the budget next September. Charges in the summer are less and range from $300-$420, based on whether you have a double or a single room.

All the members of Minnie's board next door at Michigan House. So you will become a member of Mich House as well as Minnie's. This means that you will have keys or a door code to both houses, be a member of Mich and Minnie's and attend both Mich and Minnie's monthly meetings.

Most people will do 1 work credit - a work credit is roughly 1 hour of work a week - at Minnie's and 3 credits of work at Michigan House. Each member also participates in the Mich/Minnie's Work Holiday each term. Work Holiday involves about 8 hours of work on a Sunday once a semester where house members work together to clean, maintain and improve their home. At Work Holiday, you will wake up to fresh breakfast, work various jobs during the morning, break for co-op lunch, work another few hours and then have pizza for dinner.

House Officers:
House officers will all (except the President and Board Representative) be elected every semester. President and Board Representative will be elected for the next year at the New Members meeting in April. House officers' duties are as follows:

House President - Chairs house meetings, holds house keys, supervises house officers, and oversees the general operations and welfare of the house. 4 credits;

Board Representative - Represents Minnie's on the ICC Board of Directors and serves on an ICC committee. 4 credits;

Work Manager - Organizes the work schedule (tells who to clean what and when), sees that jobs are done and runs Work Holiday. 4 credits;

Indoor Maintenance Manager - Fixes things that need fixing, sees that house is up to code and attends ICC Maintenance meetings. 4 credits;

Outdoor Maintenance Manager - Maintains the outside appearance of the house, rakes leaves and shovels snow, takes recycling to the curb for pickup. 2 credits in Fall term / 4 credits in Winter term;

Treasurer - Collects charges, balances house books and prepares house budget. Because Mich/Minnie's share one treasurer the election is held at the Mich House meeting. 4 credits;

Cruise Director/Flight Attendant - Arranges social activities, plans and supervises parties, organizes educational events, 1 credit;

Secretary - Takes minutes at house meetings, sorts and forwards mail. 2 credits;

ICC Office: 337 E. William St. / Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 662-4414 / fax (734) 662-5870