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The Eugene V. Debs Cooperative House was bought in 1967 during a period of explosive growth for the ICC. The house was named after Eugene Victor Debs, the famous - or maybe infamous - socialist who was jailed for his political beliefs and ran for president in 1920 from a prison cell. Despite his incarceration and very limited campaign resources, Debs won 5% of the popular vote, leading to the establishment of matching campaign funds from the government in the next election if this threshold is reached.

The atmosphere of Debs is both serious and fun loving. The house has a tendency to attract environmentally and socially conscious people, and it occasionally serves as a meeting place for many activist groups on campus. The people at Debs attempt to live in an eco-friendly manner. This style of living can be seen everywhere in the house from the environmentally-friendly cleaning products under the kitchen sink to the compost bin in the backyard to the recycling bins that seems to overflow days before recycling time. However, Debs house is just as well known for being creative and cutting loose. The house tries to have a good party about once a month, and everyone is invited.

Debs House has meals five nights a week that are either vegetarian with a vegan option or wholly vegan. The house strives to buy organic food from local businesses as much as possible. Despite a small kitchen, meals are always a hit and there is always stuff around to cook on off nights.

Debs is located within two blocks of the University of Michigan Campus. Currently, we do not allow cats but pets are welcome (with roommate's permission or unanimous house approval for larger pets). Smoking is not allowed in common areas, but is fine in one's room (again with roommate's permission). We also have a nice large porch, a small backyard with garden potential, a bike shed, several parking spaces, a guest room, a TV (no cable), internet, a house computer and free laundry machines. Debs always develops into a fairly close-knit community, even though most of our members are serious students who are busy with jobs and/or other outside commitments. We do like to cut loose every once in a while and have big parties that get everybody up dancing. People who get the most out of living here are individuals who enjoy interchanging ideas and insights with a variety of people from different backgrounds. Most of all, Debs, with all its students, artists, and activists, brings everyone together under one bright red roof for a cooperative atmosphere full of fun friendships. Living at Debs is a great experience unique to this house.
Playing the House Piano Making Dinner
Practice makes perfect. Vegetarian Delight!
Dinner is served Sun-Thurs. Join us! The glow of information.
Debs-members-were-in-the-largest-human-peace-sign Are-you-porch-aware?
Debs members were in the largest human peace sign. The view from the Debs porch.
Chalk Board
Express yourself (or do math homework) on our chalk-wall. With this many games, you'll never be bored.
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