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ICC Resource Teams

Dispute Assistance and Resolution Team (DART)

DART is an advisory team of ICC members and staff which supports the efforts of members and houses seeking resolution various concerns, problems and disputes. DART promotes a culture of dispute resolution in the ICC which is proactive, consistent, balanced, peaceful, and fair. DART does not typically engage directly in dispute resolution processes, but encourages members to be proactive, creative, and peaceful in addressing issues and resolving concerns. Primary responsibility for the resolution of differences rest squarely in the hands of members and houses

DART Website

Diversity Committee

If you have concerns, questions, or ideas concerning cultural diversity and equitable treatment in our houses contact the Diversity Committee at: icc.diversity (at)

Sustainability Team

The Sustainability Team strives towards educating team members, the board, the staff and the ICC as a whole on ways of reducing ecological harm and the increasing long- term environmental sustainability of the co-ops.

Sustainability Website

Technology Team

If you have issues with your house internet network, first contact your house network steward. If you need further assistance have your network steward contact the Tech Team at: (at)

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Web Team

If you would like to update your house's webpage information or photos contact the Web Team at: icc.webteam (at)

Local Cooperatives

This localized member control allows co-ops to be as varied as the people they serve. Thus, there are many different types of co-ops including food co-ops, housing co-ops, arts & crafts co-ops, book co-ops, bakery co-ops, bike co-ops, farm co-ops, rural electric co-ops, financial co-ops (credit unions), music co-ops, car co-ops, and insurance co-ops. Each of these has a flavor of its own, reflecting the desires of its individual memberships. The largest consumer cooperative in the US is R.E.I. (Recreational Equipment, Inc.). Equal Exchange is an example of a worker cooperative that sells Fair Trade Certified © products. Some well-known produce cooperative products are Florida's Natural orange juice and Land O'Lakes butter. An example of a purchasing cooperative is Ace Hardware.

Other Local Co-ops: Show All Content

337 E. Williams Ann Arbor
(734) 662-0257
Up the stairs from the ICC front desk in the Rochdale Center, SBA serves both the ICC and local fraternities and sororities, Receiving bulk orders from many organizations allows SBA to provide food to the ICC at a very low cost. As a member if the ICC, you are automatically a member of SBA. the majority of each house's food and supplies comes from SBA-approved vendors.

216 N. Fourth Ave. Ann Arbor
The PFC has been around since the 70's. It started out in a basement as a buying club and has since grown into a retail natural food grocery store, hot bar and cafe. PFC specializes in organic and bulk foods, as well as products that are whole-grain based and contain no artificial additives. Members pay a one-time, refundable $60 share, and enjoy special sales and annual rebate checks - but you don't have to be a member to shop there.

333 E. William St. Ann Arbor
(734) 662-8200
Located right next door to the ICC office, this cooperative bank, owned collectively by its customers, offers a wide variety of accounts and services with great rates and customer service. Besides the main office on William, there are several other branches: 777 Eisenhower Plaza, 2101 Bonisteel Drive (North Campus), and in the basement of The Michigan Union. Membership, which is open to all U of M and Washtenaw Students, requires paying a $5 fee and opening a Share Savings Account with a $5 deposit.
This partially employee-owned member cooperative provides low-cost lenses and frames to companies, unions, and the public. Originally a branch of a senior housing co-op, it is now its own thriving corporation with 16 branches. It is also (probably) the only co-op of its kind inn the U.S. You don't have to be a member to take advantage of Co-op Optical prices. With their low markup on frames (in comparison with for-profit eye-glass stores), it's well worth making a visit to this unique co-op!

312 North River Street Ypsilanti
Around since 1975, Ypsilanti Food Co-op has been providing organic, bulk foods, and environmentally friendly products to its members as well as the public. Located in Ypsilanti's Historic Depot Town has been spreading cooperatively and health food for almost three decades.
The East Quad Bike Co-op is a student-run organization promoting bicycle maintenance and sustainability.

970 West Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 827-1938
They've come a long way since 23 outdoor enthusiasts who shared a love for the outdoors formed REI as a co-op. Today, they are the nation's largest consumer co-op with more than 3.5 million active members and 10,000-plus employees. They credit their continued success and trusted reputation to their dedicated employees who work each day to share their interests, friendly expertise and passion for the outdoors with people of all levels of experience and ability.

Housing Co-ops

Arrowwood Hills
2566 Arrowwood Trail, Ann Arbor MI 48105
(734) 665-3116
Townhouses in cooperative community. 1-4 bedrooms. Rent based on income.

Colonial Square
3012 Williamsburg, Ann Arbor MI 48104
(734) 971-5710
Townhouses in cooperative community. 1-3 bedrooms. Market rate co-op housing.

Forest Hills Cooperative
2351 Shadowwood, Ann Arbor MI 48108
(734) 971-9270
306 townhouse units in a cooperative community. 1-3 bedrooms. Rent based on income.

Great Oak Cohousing
500 Little Lake Drive, Ann Arbor MI 48103
(734) 929-6565
37 individually-owned, complete condominiums with 2,3, and 4 bedrooms.

Pinelake Village Cooperative
2732 Adrienne Dr, Ann Arbor MI 48103
(734) 994-9177
Townhouses in cooperative community. 1-4 bedrooms. Rent based on income.

Sunward Cohousing
(734) 763-2177

Touchstone Cohousing
560 Little Lake Dr, Ann Arbor MI 48103
(734) 663-5516
"Our homes exceed LEED standards to help us live lightly on the planet and conserve energy."

University Townhouses Cooperative
3200 Braeburn Circle, Ann Arbor MI 48108
(734) 973-1282
604 townhouse units in a cooperative community. Rent based on income.